Home Care Services

The best kind of support at home is that which brings continuity, reliability and consistency.


The Initial thoughts of looking for support around your home can be very daunting, especially with the endless amounts of providers which are offering their services. But with Revolution are compassionate and understanding approach will alleviate you of any stress, allowing you to get on with your day to day life.

We treat all our clients the way we would expect and want any of our family members to be treated when receiving support, so safety and monitoring of the quality of care is high on our agenda. We use the latest technologies available to monitor both staff & clients safety, this is done by keeping check of the start and finish times of calls as well monitoring what tasks have been completed. This is all accessible 24 hours a day anywhere in the world by any family member who wishes to do so.

Revolution also caters for social calls where staff are able to take you out from your home and do all the things you love to do whether it Is to go to the shops, go fishing or simply see local attractions. The choice is yours!


Here are some of the examples of tasks we can help you with-


  • Dementia Care

  • Help with bathing

  • Assist with dressing

  • Provide grooming

  • Help with incontinence care

  • Assist with eating

  • Dementia care

  • Alzheimer's care

  • Provide convalescence care

  • Provide medication reminders

  • Assist with morning wake up

  • Assist with evening tuck in

  • Collect prescriptions            

  • Dusting and vacuuming

  • Help with washing and ironing

  • Make beds and change bed linen

  • Answer the door


  • Organise wardrobes and cupboards

  • Take out rubbish

  • Meal preparation and tidy away

  • Check food expiry dates

  • Supervise home maintenance

  • Oversee home deliveries

  • Care for houseplants

  • Assist with pet care

  • Provide light housekeeping

  • Prepare shopping lists and fetch shopping

  • Help with general shopping

  • Drop off and collection of dry cleaning

  • Taking to and from GP/Hospital appointments

    This List is not exhaustive